Roasted mangalitsa pork

The organizers of large frequented events often order the whole mangalitsa pork (18-20 kg), what is roasted on charcoal. Usually they run out of the mangalitsa pork completely, but it’s not a big surprise for anybody…


Trotter in Bakerin style

The well-known and beloved delicacy neither can miss from the Kővári Grill’s menu! The one of the Hungarian outdoor hospitality’s best representatives has made special foods from trotter for years. That person, who likes this fineness, should go to the Kővári Grill! It’s sure as eggs is eggs, that he/she won’t regret it!

Pork chop

The clod from mangalitsa pork or otherwise pork chop is made with curing, roasted on iron sheets according to own recipe. It’s one of the trademarks of Kővári Grill! Who has ever tasted the clod from mangalitsa pork made by Kővári Grill, knows why we say: for this delicacy it’s worthy to live!

Chicken with vegetables

For the lovers of light flavours we propose the chicken breast and crunchy grilled vegetables. In our kitchen you find this fineness too! In Kővári Grill that person neither will be hungry, who doesn’t like mangalitsa pork, because our foods which are made from chicken and grilled vegetables, wait for the guests with amazing taste too!

Grilled vegetables

Our spicy mix from grilled vegetables is a perfect choice in itself or as garnish too. Let’s taste it in our kitchen! Kővári Grill has made the grilled vegetables according to the experience of long years. We haven’t ever got a complaint because of it’s flavour and quality!

Black pudding, sausage

We make black pudding or liverwurst and sausage from mangalitsa pork according to the original recipe like our grandfathers did long ago. These can’t miss from the kitchen of Kővári Grill! The well-known representative of the Hungarian outdoor hospitality waits for his guests with black puddings and sausages made from only the best materials too!

Grilled chicken breast

We propose to you the grilled chicken breast with different flavours like green-spices, stuwed prunes, or just in itself. Let’s try it! Few people would say no to the unique flavored chicken breasts, which can be visible on the picture. We hope, you neither will say no!

  • different pickles from Vecsés
  • home made breads of family bakery
  • quality Hungarian shots, firewaters
  • draft and bottled beers
  • original wines from Hungarian wineries
  • fizzy and fibrous soft drinks, mineral waters