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Flavours with love!

Our family enterprise is one of the significant representatives of the Hungarian outdoor hospitality. Kővári Grill offers individual culinary services to different events for those people, who requires the quality, reliability and diversity, which words symbolize our name.

Quality and a wide range of foods

Our own meat plant ensures the supply of the firm’s outdoor kitchens. We produce from solely Hungarian products the material of our everytime fresh foods. We guaranteed the permanent quality and a wide range of foods. Our supply contains the own marinated products: Hungarian mangalitsa pork, grey cattle, duck, chicken, turkey, calf and lamb.

Everything for the guest!

We get the vegetables, the pickles from our primary producers and get the breads from our family bakery. We established a wide range of foods for our guests, so everybody can find the finest flavours for him/her.


Service on the highest level

We are the only in the whole country, who have more than 300 meters chalet installations and intimate catering equipments, kitchens, plantings, lids. Thanks for it, we can operate more quality restaurants in different places of the country at the same time. Our chalets made from pine material, and the decorative wrought iron ensures the hilarious and warm athmosphere. Our skilled colleagues create homey feeling for the guests. A lot of tables, benches and parasols ensure the comfortable and practical eating. With our services we would like to realize your events in high quality!

Interview with the owner: Kővári’s creed

Imre Kővári. The owner of Kővári Grill. In his opinion the secret of the successful outdoor hospitality are the foods’s perfect quality and the humility with the guests. He states, only that food can be served, what he would give to his children too. Let’s know him closer!

– The hangman is being hanged: if you arrived to the Kővári Grill as a guest, what would you order?

– It’s a tough question, because we make only such foods, which are the favorites of mine and my family – says Imre Kővári, the first man of the Kővári Grill.

– But if you had to choose one, what would you do?

– My special favorites are the foods made by goose and mangalitsa pork. However, the choice is really difficult, because we offer varied and the best quality foods. We work only Hungarian materials, our partners have been the same since 15 years. We buy the mangalitsa pork or the poultry from the same place, because our goal is the permanent quality, so we must work with experienced and reliable partners, who seek after the best quality.

Secret seasoning

– People tell, one of the Kővári Grill’s big strength is the fact, that everybody can find her/his favorites there.

– It’s true, we have a wide range of foods made by mangalitsa pork, but if somebody is looking for other flavours, he/she will find roast goose, foods made by poultry or venison stew too. The seasoning of the foods is a family secret, just three of us know exactly the components. Our foods are special fine thanks for it. My motto is that only that food can be served, what I would give calmly to my children too.

– A lot of people work in the outdoor hospitality. Beside the quality and diversity, what is that plus point, what characterize the Kővári Grill?

– The organization. I expect the humility with the guests and for the work from my collegaues. In my firm that person who stands behind the counter, must be polite and nice with the guest and must work strongly for the customer leaving with good feelings after the eating. I don’t expect that things from my employees, what I neither can do, but I require the accuracy, the humility and the purity. In our restaurants it can’t occur, that a guest leave with bad feelings or with the thought that he/she didn’t get enough buzz for his/her money.

The hospitality is his passion

– During I’m listening to you, I have a feeling that the Kővári Grill isn’t a job for you, but it’s your passion.

– I don’t look for the hospitality as an opportunity to earning money, it is a such service for me, that becomes the part of my life!

– Is the hospitality a tradition in the Kővári family?

– Yes, it is. We opened our meat plant in Pécel in 1994, and it has worked since that time with the satisfaction of a lot of people, my father works there nowadays too. But we had had an restaurant too before we changed to the outdoor hospitality in 1999.

– Where can we meet with the Kővári Grill’s charming counter?

– Since long years we have been with our foods in the Celebrations of Budavári Trades, the Sziget Festivals, the National Gallop or the Formula One. But I can enumerate our references at length.

The quality is inviolable

– Are you already on that level, where first time the organizers call you to their events?

– I can tell proudly that yes, we are. We have good relationships thanks for the satisfaction of guests and organizers after our events. We have worked hardly for long years to reach this level. At the present we have 300 meters chalet installations and beside it, we can supply the customers with six 20 meters caterings. At this point we are stronger than our rivals, because we can guarantee the quality hospitality for that events too, which have more thousands guests. Where the quality is important, there we are key figures.

– How many mangalitsa porks are sold in Kővári Grill in a year?

– It’s a good question. It’s a fact that we buy more tons mangalitsa porks, and we cook 100-150 whole pigs in our different events. But for me not the quantity, only the quality is important. Let’s taste our polenta with cheese! It’s amazing! One of my colleagues, who has a Transylvanian origin, make it like his grandmother made ever. With real, authentic Transylvanian flavours. Or let’s eat a goose with apple, cinnamon and steamed cabbage! We are demanding, for example we have ordered the three pounds, leavened home made breads from the same bakery for long years. The guests like it! If you taste the products of Kővári Grill, you will know, why I praised them. A lot of suppliers make an offer to sell cheaper meat or bread to me, but I say no everytime. The quality is inviolable for me! In my childhood I used to know that a man have to work hardly with big-big humility for earning a lot of money and support his family.

From the knuckle cabbage to the goose liver

– What is the favorite food of guests nowadays?

–  It’s changed season by season. In autumn and winter more people eat knuckle of pork, knuckle cabbage or Hungarian style wild ragout, however in spring and summer our light foods running out well like chicken, goose and duck with a lot of vegetables.

– What do you think of your employees’s opinion about you?

– I hope they say, that Imre is a strict person, who requires the discipline and perfection, however he is a good boss, because he apprehends the problems of his colleagues, and finds the solution to them.

His father is the bastion

– According to my impression on you: you are a determined person, who exactly knows what he wants, and who expects the similar mentality from the others. Do you accept advice sometimes from anyobody?

– Yes, I do from my father, who is the strong point in my life. We speak a lot all the mornings before the working hours. I ask his advices and accept them. He is my mentor. I would like to become a same bastion in the life of my three children – this is my goal!